Monday, November 19, 2012


Akki rotti, ಅಕ್ಕಿ ರೊಟ್ಟಿ is rice flour bread/ rice pancake, famous Uttara kannada foods. Finely chopped onions, cucumber, carrots, cilantro- the more u add in making rotti, the most tastiest rottis you can enjoy. Once, when I was in Dharwad, my rotti plate was garnished with 5 different varieties of chutneys and chutney powder!! [i am already dreaming of it]. The day I ate in dharwad, I noted in my to cook list, to cook rotti. Akki rottis are the 1st ever made dish that even my friends from north most part of India praised and ended up saying one more! one more!
So, I am here with present my delicious colorful akki rottis, enjoy folks!!!

Rice flour- 2 cups
Green chilli- 1, chopped
Jeera (Cumin seeds)- few grams
Onions -2 chopped
Carrots (1), Cucumber (1/2)- grated
Coriander leaves/ cilantro- chopped in to pieces
Clarified butter/Ghee-2-3 tb sp.
Curd (2 table sp., helps rotti to be very soft)
Salt to taste

1. In a round bowl, take rice flour with salt, ghee, cumin seeds, mix well then add all cut/chopped vegetables and curd. 
2. Add required amount of water and make it as good as chapati dough. The dough should be kneaded well to make it as soft dough as possible. 
3. Now, the dough is ready with all vegetables mixed together in flour properly. Take a banana leaf or a thick tracing sheet, spread ghee on it with finger tips.
4. Now, slowly press and move dough to make uniform flat rotti, on all sides- using finger tips only. If not ghee use oil. The size of the rotti will be medium ~10 cm ( a small scale size, to be easy for you :) )
5. On a hot tawa, put rotti reversed so that rotti is on tawa and banana leaf on top of it. Slowly take our banana leaf and roast akki rotti on a medium flame.
6. While you roast rotti, oil or ghee can also be added. make sure you will not over heat when roasting on a high flame. Enjoy the hot rottis with tomato chutney or pudina or coconut chutney... Not a single chutney would be sufficient I bet.
I tried with Palak Paneer and tomato chutney... recipe for Palak panner is coming soon:)