Saturday, July 28, 2012


Once more simple curry for Chapati, that can be cooked in just 10/13 minutes (Excluding preparation time)
Here it is!!!

Potato- 2 large, cut into cubes
Green chillies- 2, cut into halves
Moong dal/ Hesarukalu- 2 cups
Coriander leaves
Jeera/Cumin- 1 tb sp.
Curry powder- 1 tb sp. (Preferably Thai curry Powder or garam masala powder)
Salt to taste

1. Cook hesarukalu (Moong dal) in pressure cooker and keep it aside for cooling
2. Add oil, green chillies and jeera stir 5 minutes followed by potatoes.Potatoes will take time to get cooked (5-7 minutes)
3. Now add moong dal and curry powder. (Any curry powder can be added or a bit of garam masala. I used Thai curry powder)
4. Allow to mix completely for 3 minutes. Serve along with coriander leaves on top.




This is very famous Egg recipe in Kerala because of addition of coconut milk and milk gives a different taste.
Enjoy recipe

Boiled eggg- 2, cut into half
Onions- 1 cut into pieces
Ginger Garlic paste- 1 tb sp. each
Coconut milk- 2-3 tb sp.
Milk- 1/2 cup (or very little)
Curry leaves- few
Corinader powder- 1/2 tb sp.
Garam masala- 1 tb sp.
Egg curry powder- 2 tb sp.
Jeera/Cumin- 1 or 2 tb sp.
Oil and mustard seeds- To saute

1. Pour oil, mustard seeds and cumin seeds in a hot pan
2. Fry onions and ginger-garlic paste for 3-5 minutes. Then add all spicy powders and stir for 2 minutes
3. When there is no more raw smell of powders add coconut milk and milk. This should be cooked for 5-8 more minutes and then compelte egg curry by adding boiled eggs with curry leaves on it.
This goes very well with roti or rice

(Before adding boiled eggs, poke it using a fork at 1 or 2 places on the egg white so that the salt and spices will get absorbed)


Thanks Karthick for sharing this recipe.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Those plant roots which are used as vegetables are very delicious and healthier too. Its called as rooted vegetables. A simplest dish is its fry, called as palya in Karnataka and poriyal in Tamil Nadu. 
I used Rutabagas ( because every time I go for vegetables purchase I wonder what and how does this vegetable taste. I wanted to try it very badly. 
THIS RECIPE CAN BE PREPARED WITH INDIAN PUMKIN TOO. So try this. Its really really simple 10 minutes cooking and you can have with rotis and rice or it tastes good by itself. 

Rutabagas/ Pumkin - 2 cups full (~ 300 gms)
Peas- 1/2 cup
Coconut- dry, 1/2 cup
Chilli powder- 1 tb sp
Green chilli- 2 
Cumin/Jeera- 2-3 tb sp.
Coriander, curry leaves and salt to taste
Mustard seeds and oil to saute

1. Cut rutabagas into small cubes and wash with water
2. Add oil to a hot pan followed by mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillis and jeera. Saute for 2 minutes
3. Then add cut vegetables and cook it on a medium flame. Once it becomes soft add chilli powder, salt and spread coconut & peas on it. 
4. Before serving add coriander leaves and palya ready. This is also good with rice and rasam.

Serves-3 people
Cooking time- 10 minutes
NOTE: Use any Indian rooted vegetables, palya will be superrr!!!


Sunday, July 22, 2012


Sajjige is very famous in hotels of south Karnataka cities like Mysore, Bangalore and Shimoga while its also known as sheera in North part of Karnataka. Sooji is used to make kesari baath as well. But this sajjige is not kesari baath, both are very much different. Sajjige is prepared on Sankashti in Ganesha festival, on other festivals as sacred sweet. This is served with upma in hotels and condiments eat out places. 
You can try sajjige and fruit combo. I tried banana sajjige and I liked it. Hope you also like this. Try it and share your experience. 

Rawa/ Sooji- 1 cup (My 1 cup is 100- 150 grams)
Banana- 1, cut into round pieces. Coat this with sugar and keep aside
Milk- 1 cup (My 1 cup = 250 ml.)
Almond/ Badam- 5, cut into pieces
Cahrews and raisins- few
Sugar- 1 cup 
Ghee- 5 tb sp.

1. To the boiling milk, add sugar and after 2 minutes, add sugar coated banana
2. On the other side roast almonds and cashews in 1 tb sp. ghee. Keep aside
3. Now once the milk and banana starts boiling add rawa (sooji) slowly with continued stirring so as to avoid lumps. If required add water and cook rawa, make sure not to over cook banana.
4. Now add roasted dry fruits and ghee on top before serving.

Serve with rawa upma. Serves- 3 people. Preparation and cooking time- 15 minutes (maximum)



Uppittu/ Upma is a common breakfast dish, normally in south Indian. Definitely, its not a liking name as many of people if given a option, will opt upma as the last favorite. In Bangalore, near Banshankari 3rd stage, near Malleshwaram 16th cross and many more places are famous and attract people because of upma & coconut chutney combo. 
you should also try these places once and now, I am sharing upma recipe. Every mother have their own kind of preparation and measurements to make kids happy. This is my mom's secret recipe. She used to prepare on Ekadashi (sacred fasting) as we would be fasting and she will prepare nice upma without any vegetables. It recalls old childhood days too.

Try it and share with me your upma recipe.

Sooji, sanna rawa (small rawa)- 1 cup (Fry rawa for 5 minutes and keep it aside to cool)
Onions- 1 chopped to small size
Tomatoes- 1 chopped
Ginger- 4-5 small pieces
Green chillis- 2 sliced into half
Coriander- to garnish
Curry leaves- 4-5
Ghee/oil, mustard seeds and salt
Cashews- few (fry in ghee)
Grated coconut
lemon to taste

1. In a pan heat oil and saute mustard seeds, green chillis, curry leaves followed by onions after 2 minutes. 
2. When onions turn brownish color, add ginger and tomatoes and continue stirring for 3 -5 more minutes
3. Allow this to cook and then add 3 cups of water and 2 tb sp of salt (salt as per requirement). The water and rawa ratio should be 3:1 (for 1 cup rawa add 3 cups water).
4. This requires continues stirring so as to prevent lumps formation. Once rawa is mixed properly, add coconut, cashews, coriander leaves and lemon to taste. Just 1 or 2 tb sp. of ghee on upma before serving refreshens your tasty buds and speechless you, will just continue enjoying. hmmm!!! cant express the happiness

Serves- 3 people
Preparation and cooking time- 20 minutes. 
NOTE: I have not added any vegetable thus its very easy in preparation and quick. If you like, make it vegetable upma by adding lots of variety of vegetables like beans, carrot, grated potato, sweet peas along with water and before boiling step. 
Serve upma with Malnad and Mangalooru special balehannu (Banana) SAJJIGE. 

 Enjoy eating. HAPPY COKING :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


Muthia is a Gujarati dish which is made up of either cabbage or using kasuri methi leaves i.e., dried fenugreek leaves. The name came form the type of preparation and mixing all ingredients. I have few Gujarati friends who made me to taste this delicious one!!! This looks similar to dhokla in color as it is made up of besan and mustard seeds & curry leaves on top. Cabbage is not a usual favorite of many people at home. I have seen people making faces while eating cabbage. So, I also faced this problem at home. To convince cabbage also makes a good recipe, I tried Cabbage Muthia for dinner.  This could also be a good snack
Here we go, try this and suggestions please

Cabbage- 2 cups
Gram flour (Besan)- 150 grams (approx., 1 medium sized cup)
Milk- 1/2 cup
Wheat flour- 5.7 tb sp.
Red chillies- 5-7
Ginger- 10 peices
Green chillis- 2 chopped (as per taste required)
Funereal seeds- 1 tb sp.
Cumin seeds (jeera)- 1 tb sp.
Sesame seeds- 1 to 2 tb sp.
curry leaves- 5-6
coriander leaves- 1 hand full
coconut- grated to garnish
Pepper powder- 1 tb sp. freshly grinded
mustard seeds- 1 tb sp.
Turmeric- 1 tb sp.
Vinegar- 1 tb sp.
Sugar -1 tb sp.
Salt to taste
Oil- 5-6 tb sp. 

1. In a large bowl, mix Cabbage, gram flour, wheat flour, jeera, funereal and sesame seeds along with 4 tb sp. of oil, milk, green chillis, ginger, half coriander leaves, vinegar, sugar and salt (to taste)
2. Mix it for 5 minutes and then to make it to thick consistency water can also be used. 
3. Spread on a metal pan which is coated with oil or butter. Pour cabbage mix on to it.
4. Preheat oven to 350 F and then keep the tray in oven for 25- 30 minutes. This is the case when you do not have a pressure cooker or a stream cooker. 
5. usually this is cooked under steam, making it to small long sausage shaped. But here since I do not have steam or a pressure idly cooker, I used pan and trust me it comes really good. 
6. Then after 25 minutes take it out and look whether its cooked by inserting a tooth prick and if it comes dry, it means its cooked.
7. Now cool for 5 minutes and then cut it into small pieces as shows in picture. 
8. Heat a pan and pour remaining oil. Saute mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves and a little turmeric powder
9. Then add cut pieces. Pepper and salt, very little on top of it and garnish with coriander leaves and coconut by sprinkling on it. 
serve Hot with pudina chutney or only muthia will also taste great.

Serves 4 people. Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes



Thursday, July 19, 2012


A nice dish for lunch that stays good and fresh is what we see for. Till today I was packing chapathi and curry for lunch but I tried something different today. Same chapathis and curry but a new look. Its easy to make and no head breaking required to bring it to a good taste because its tasty by itself. 
Yeah! I tried Veg rolls but not for the first time I should mention. Once I just wrapped chapathis with curry and it was not at all tasted like veg rolls. This time I am here with professional recipe. 
Please try and let me know your suggestions


Chapathis- 7-8 (Take Chapathi /wheat flour in a bowl + salt to taste + Warm water. Mix and prepare the dough. Add 2 tb sp. of oil to this to make it more soft)

For veg mix
Cumin seeds- 1 tb sp.
Funereal seeds- 1 tb sp.
Onions- ½ chopped
Sesame seeds – 1 or 2 tb sp.
Turmeric powder- 1 t sp.
Pepper powder- 5-6 freshly powdered peppercorns
Cabbage- 1 cup finely chopped
Carrots & Bell pepper- julienned
Salt to taste
Lemon juice- 1 tb sp.(Optional)
Mint/Pudina- flakes 2 tb sp.

Tomato paste
1st option: Tomatoes, Chilli powder/sambar mix powder, salt to taste.
2nd option: You can use tomato Ketch up. I use 1st option while 2nd option gives a bit sweet taste

1. Prepare chapathis as mentioned. Cook it on either side and keep aside.
2. In a hot pan, to oil, add cumin seeds, funereal seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric powder and onions. Stir this for say 3 minutes and then add cabbage, carrots and bell peppers.
3. Saute this until vegetables are cooked. Can add salt, pepper powder and mint at this step. Keep this also aside.
4. Now in the pan add oil and saute tomatoes, chilli powder and salt. ( if you are using sambar powder, then you need not use any other powder because it has masalas in it. If you are using chilli powder, add a pinch of garam masala powder)
5. Now once this becomes paste texture, add vegetable mix (already prepared) and stir it. This will be well cooked and gives a thick semi liquid (more of solid) appearance.
6. Allow it to cool and fill on to one corner of the chapathi and roll it. Cut at the center and take for lunch.

Serves- 2 to 3 with 8 chapathis (I mean veg rolls)
Preparation time: 15 minutes. Cooking -15 minutes
NOTE: Can also use all purpose flour instead of wheat flour for chapathis. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Who does not aware of vegetable bath!!! Its easy to make & tasty too. But few people think this is one of the boring dish because of all vegetable in it. But, When something spicy, it becomes favorite by itself.
I have a suggestion here. You need not add many vegetables here. Can keep to 2 varieties and also use panner and peas (mutter). When you have cooked rice and nothing to eat. This recipe helps in easy cooking and when you are bored of sambar and rasam, try this and share your opinions with me.

Cooked rice- Fluffy, 2 cups
Beans and Potato- cut into eatable size, both should be 1 cup todether
Cumin/Jeera- 2 tb sp.
Red chilli powder/sambar powder (the one used for bisi bele bath is apt) - 1 1/2 tb sp.
Mustard seeds and oil
salt to taste
Coriander leaves - to garnish
Green chilli- 1 or 2 (Optional. for more hot/spicy taste)
Curry leaves- 2-4
Jaggery or sugar- 1/2 tb sp.
Tamarind paste- 1/2 tb sp.

1. Keep cooked rice aside by spreading on a plate.
2. On a pan cook beans and potato or any other vegetables of 15 minutes. Open cooking is preferable than cooking in pressure cooker. This makes good taste. Keep it aside.  
3. On the other side, heat oin in pan, saute mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillis and jeera.
4. Then add sambar powder, jaggery, tamarind and salt. Bring this to boil for 3-4 minutes.
5.Then add vegetables. Stir this for 6-8 minutes so that everything gets together well.
6. bring down the flame and add rice. Mix it properly with care, not to smash rice grains.
Now you can add coriander and serve it hot.

Cooking time: 20 minutes. Serves- 3



Drumsticks also called as Murunga kai in Tamil / Nuggekai in Kannada huli is another delicious kolumbu which is a side recipe for either idly, dosa or with rice. This recipe is a bit modified from its original as I also used baked beans seeds.
(Sorry for fewer pictures!!!)

Drumsticks- long pieces- 20
Baked beans- 1 full cup
Tomato- 1 chopped
onions- 1/2 chopped
Coconut- 1/2 cup, grated
Curry leaves- 5-6
Red chillies- 2 (Optional. only for more spicy)
Kolumbu melagha powder- 2 tb sp. (If not available, use sambar powder)
Tamarind- thick paste, 2 tb sp.
Mustard seeds & oil
Corinader leaves- few
Salt to taste

1. In a pan, heat oil and saute mustard seeds and curry leaves
2. Add onions and tomatoes. Make sure to cook until its cooked to paste. 
3. Now, add and cook drumsticks and baked beans and continue stirring for 10 minutes by adding water.
4. Once drumsticks are cooked, add tamarind paste, salt and Kolumbu powder along with coconut. Check for spicy and salt taste.
5. Allow all to mix for 5 more minutes and finish it with coriander leaves

Murunga kai kolumbu is ready to serve. Serve with hot rice
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes. Serves- 4 people


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


If anyone of you visited Malnad region in Karnataka, INDIA, I bet that you might have tasted this delicious snack. In my home town Shimoga, this was a favorite foodie place to hang out with cousins and friends. There are many small condiments outlet where you get to enjoy Mandakki masala, Corn masala, corn toasts, peni masala and what more!!! A similar recipe is what I am sharing here with my own way. I would say, this was 3.5/5 better when compared outlets in Shimoga in terms of taste and spicy. 
So you can also try this and write to me whether you liked it or not. 


Sweet corn- 1 full
Pomegranate- 1 hand full
Tomato-1 chopped
Onion- 1/2 chopped
Red chilli paste- 1 tb sp.
Pepper powder- 1/4 tb sp.
Coconut- a hand full (grated)
Butter- 1 tb sp.
Puffed rice (Mandakki)- 2 hand full
Garlic paste- 1/4 tb sp
Khara mixture- as topping (you can also use pieces of nipattu, chakkuli or any crispy mixture kind item)
Lemon to taste 
Salt to taste

1. Take out the outer cover of the corn and separate the seeds as in picture. Boil it so that the seeds can be removed easily and it tastes good as well
2. Mix mandakki, onions, tomatoes, and all listed in Ingredients list except pomegranate, lemon, khara mixture and sweet corn. 
3. Stir it well so as to get the red chilli spread completely. 
4. then add sweet corn, mixture
5. Before you serve sprinkle pepper powder on top along with pomegranates and Khara mixture. 
Now, jola masala is ready to eat. The Pomegranate gives a sweet taste while khara mixture- pepper  spreads a bit peppery taste. 

NOTE if not sweet corn, a normal butta/jola could also be used as the sweetness is taken care by pomegranate :)


Monday, July 16, 2012


Niharika Allanki, Boulder

This is a Marathi and Telugu dish, its called BHARLELI VAANGI in Marathi and GUTTI VANKAAYA in Telugu.

Brief ingredients list
Green/ purple small brinjals- 5/7
Roasted groundnuts - 8/10 tbsps ( can increase / decrease depending on how much gravy one wants)
Green chillies- 3 ( long slits)
Tomatoes- finely chopped -1/4 cup
Onions- 1.5 cup- finely chopped
Cardamom- 2
Cinnamon- 2
Bay leaves- 3
Curry leaves- approx 10
Cloves- 4
Garam masala- 1/5 tbsp
Chilli powder ( preferably kashmiri) - 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Tamarind paste- 2 tsp
Dhania - jeera powder- 3 tsp
Ginger garlic paste- 1tbsp

Detailed cooking procedure
1. Fry the onions and make a mixture of these fried onions, roasted groundnuts, chilli powder,dhania, jeera powder, 1tsp oil, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala. 
2. Do not fine paste it, the mixture should have some roughness to it.
3. Slit the brinjals vertically halfway in the middle and fill them up with this mixture. Keep the remaining mixture aside.
4.Now, heat oil in a kadhaai and add the curry leaves,green chillies, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, bay leaves and fry till you get the aroma.
5. Add the mixture and fry until you see oil separate from the mixture.
6. Add the tomatoes and the stuffed brinjals and fry. 
7. Add the tamarind paste and 2 tbsps of oil and being the mixture to cook well. 
8. Can add a pinch of sugar if you think its too tangy or spicy ;)

Cook till the brinjals are soft and garnish with corriander leaves... 
kickass recipe ready :D

Thank you Niharika for sharing.

Friday, July 13, 2012


This was my 1st try for cake after moving to US. As we have ovens here, I thought I should give it a go. And by coincidence our friend's birthday reminded me of surprising him with my home made cake, whatever, the surprise would turn bad or luckily good. I had enough idea of using eggs, flour, sugar and mix it. But I was not professional cake maker until I experience making it really stepwise. I browsed many blogs and just with a perfect idea and a new recipe for my cake came out. Bananas and strawberries helped my cake look and taste better, while whipped cream added snowy feel. Here I share it. I know, its tough to take risk and prepare such a big cake but you gals there, can give a try for small cake.
So the special secret ingredients are (Happy to share :)

Bananas- 1 or 2
Strawberries- 20 nos.
Vanilla essence- 4-5 drops
All purpose flour- 1/2 cup
Milk- 100 ml
Eggs- 2-3 nos.
Whip cream- 100 gms
Vanilla cake mix- 200 grams (If you do not have vanilla cake mix, you can use corn flour/all purpose flour with vanilla essence)
Sugar 200 gm
Butter/oil- 4 tb sp.

Part I. Base preparation
1. Mix 200 gm vanilla mix/all purpose flour with banana & strawberry juice (make  strawberry-banana juice in blender along with little milk and 4-5 tb sp of sugar. You can use 4-5 strawberry and 1 banana for base).
2. Add water if required and bring it to thick consistency
3. Add 20-30 gms of whipped cream and mix it well and refrigerate it for 30 minutes.

Part II egg mix preparation
1. Mix eggs, 20 grams of all purpose flour and vanilla essence by adding milk and stir it for 10 minutes.
2. You can add 50 grams of sugar powder and continue stirring.

Part III
1. After 30 minutes, take out the base content and add part II egg mix paste to it and make it a bit liquidy consistency before you add to oven pan
2. Preheat oven to 350 F 5 minutes.
3. Separately, grease oven pan with butter or oil on all sides and pour cake content onto it.
4. you can rap it with aluminum foil  or can keep tray without rapping.
5. Now bake cake at 400 F for 30 minutes or until the cake is baked (you can test by inserting a toothpick. If toothpick comes out without sticky, then it is baked nicely).
6. Once cake is ready keep it aside for cooling or in refrigerate it for 15 minutes
7. Now, when our cake is ready next step is to decorate cake. You can use chocolates, strawberries, cherries, Whipped cream and many more
8. I used cut strawberries and whipped cream more and then cherries. Before adding topping, I creamed whole cake with whip cream mixed with strawberry paste.
9. Now cake is ready to serve. Slice it and serve or if you have planned for birthday surprise, just make birthday gal/guy happy with your beautiful cake.

Preparation and cooking time- 1 1/2 hours
Serves- 8




Recently I visited one of my friend's place who called for a party. They offered us sausages, cheese balls, bread/buns, chicken and salad. Of all, I liked the most was SALAD. This was a specially made salad for veggies, with all colorful vegetables along with macaroni. After tasting this delicious salad, I just got an idea for Indianized salad with macaroni and with no cheese. The best part I like in this is the macaroni which is most liked food of kids, college students and for western food loving people. So this can be a breakfast recipe by itself.
That was a rainy day when I prepared this recipe. When it rainy anyone loves eating hot stuffs with a hot cup of coffee. Instead of going for hot oily stuffs, for a change we have salad and enjoyed rain from window. So why don't you guys give it a try? Rain is here and so the recipe.
Here I go. you guys enjoy and please write to me your likings for this.

Spinach- 300-400 grams, chopped
Cabbage- 1 cup (100 grams), chopped
Carrots- cut into round pieces
Capsicum/ bell peppers- 1, cut into pieces
Mushrooms- 5-6, cut into pieces
Onions- 1 chopped
Tomato- 1 chopped
(Optional- you can also use cauliflower, Beans, peas or any green vegetables)
 Macaroni- 2 cups
Lemon, salt, oil, pepper, basil leaf and red chilli flakes- to taste

1. In boiling hot water, cook macaroni and carrots in little oil and salt.
2. On an another pan heat oil and toast all vegetables for 2-3 minutes. This is not to cook vegetables but to give it a hot feel and also while cooking if we add red chilli falkes and salt, it gives a better taste for vegetables.
3. once the macaroni is cooked keep it for cooling (3-4 minutes) and then mix it with basil leaf flakes, red chilli and salt.
4. Mix well all vegetables with macaroni and carrots carefully without smashing vegetables.
5. Here's out  salad with macaroni is all set to eat.

Could also be nicely decorated while you serve. Few drops of lemon before you serve would increase the flavors.


Monday, July 9, 2012


When I say Chole, we 1st remember rotis, pooris and chapatis. And when I say sundal we remember prasad that is given in temples. This is just a wide angle vision from North to South of India. However, I like temple prasad and also chole. Now when I have soaked garbanzos, I was thinking whether I should prepare  a fabulous snack or a delicious breakfast and this confusion was cleared and I prepared Sundal curry. The name is southern version of chole and suits well with chapatis for Health concern or you can go ahead with pooris. My chole is bit different from typical chole batura as I add a different set of ingredients to make more tany and tasty. 
Wanna try? Here is the recipe. 

cardamom sticks- 2-3 very small pieces
Oil, Mustard and coriander leaves
Garbanzo (Chole/sundal) soaked in water for overnight- 200 gms
Onion- 1/2 choppped
Tomato- 1 chopped and blended into puree
Green chili- 1

Curd/yoghurt-  1 tb sp. (for sweet taste)
Ginger - garlic paste
salt to taste
Lemon- to taste

Keep hot chapatis ready - 10

coriander powder, curry leaves powder, Garam masala powder- 1/2 tb sp.
red chili powder- 2 tb sp.
Chole masala powder- 1/2 tb sp

1. keep garbanzos soaked in water for overnight and then cook it next day for 10 minutes
2. On the other side, in a preheated pan, heat oil ad add onions & ginger -garlic paste. Fry for 3/4 minutes and transfer to a blender and make it a paste
3. Separately make tomatoes and green chilli paste and keep aside.
4. Freshly, in a pan heat oil, then add mustard seeds and tomato puree. keep stirring for 2 minutes to make it cooked
5. add off onion paste to pan and cook this for few minutes. The tomato paste and onion paste mixes up well and leaves back raw smell. Then you can add all masalas/ spices and curd to pan.
6. keep adding water and stir constantly.
7. I add chole here once the curry consistency is visible and mix for 5 minutes. finish cooking by adding washed coriander leaves at end.
8. The last 5 minutes cooking brings all ingredients to 1 mixture and cooked well also.

Now when your chole/ sunday curry is ready to serve, keep hot chapatis  ready and enjoy.
Serves- 3 people. Cooking time 20 -25 minutes