Friday, August 31, 2012


Hey! This is not any recipe write up this time. Just thought of putting up pics of potluck which we had last Sunday at our place. I was so much enthusiastic to call so many friends for dinner. This was like, postponed since July and I finally got a chance to cook many many foods. I was confused and had some 20 recipes in hand and then thought my guest should not get a stomach pain eating lot more.
Then came down to 8-10. I had prepared my favorite rasam, kolumbu, kosambari, halwa and chicken by my husband ( we also have non veg fans, he is a great cook) aloo curry, fried rice, payasam, kootu, mango lassi, cake, baingan ka bharta, lemon juice, upma, beans curry, palyas, oh cant list out what our guests also got special stuffs for us.

Thanks for all friends, blog visitors and fans for making me to feel for cooking so much. Keep commenting and subscribe for posts.
This is going to be my last month stay at US so I will be posting few American, Mexican and authentic recipes.

As usually HAPPY COOKING !!! 

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