Monday, December 9, 2013

Long time no Post!

Dear Blog followers, 

Thanks for following my blog posts, recipes, comments and feedback.Your comments and feedback makes me enthusiastic and creative to try out new dishes and new ingredients in old recipes. This has been a tradition that we follow what our grand mother and mother teach us. Just a tinge of different flavors in same dish gives it a different name. And why not!! when we need new varieties and new names in our recipe list in our own kitchen. 
Being traveler, I traveled US, South Africa and many states in India that gave me different flavors. I met Italian, Russian, Belgian, German, and many other nation friends who taught me to cook some special food in their own style. It was my pleasure to teach them Indian food and share with them my recipes too. In the modren day life, writing blog, reading and experimenting them by myself is best way to keep social interactions through food. As some one said, to win a heart, make their stomach happy :)
Beleive me or not, whenever I have to make my husband happy I cook. I also cook when I am in stress or in work load. This brings happiness and peace in my life. It could be true in everyone's life. Cook for someone, for yourself, for loved ones and for happiness. 
Long time no blog!!! I could not write any blogs since 3-4 months. This was because of my traveling and learning new food these days. I spent time with my Mom and Mom-in law who taught me the basic cooking, which is not available in restaurants. we were experimenting my type of cooking at in-laws place. My in-laws in Tamil Nadu were introduced to Karnataka style of cooking which they relished the most.
I will be introducing very new recipes, some old traditional recipes which our grand grand parents used to cook, could be of medicinal value, using endemic herbs, dietary use and for new babies. Thanks again for following this blog. 
Keep following and keep cooking :)

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