Thursday, June 28, 2012


India is known for variety of snacks either its a Gujarati style Dhokla, Misal pav of Mumbai or its tip south bajji masala or omlet masala. We have many roadside venders who sell all kinds of chatpati-sweety- tangy foods. More recently we have moved to Indian style modified Pizzas and burgers. But still we somewhere recall what we have eaten in our childhood days.. and we say, "my mom was the best cook". Of course, we like everything what our MOM prepares. I used to wait for my mom in evening, when she returns from work, she used to prepare bonda, bajji, laddu, chakli, kodbale, avalakki, many many and many- what ever the number of friends come home, MOM rocks!!!.
Pani puri was very spicy, tangy taste while molakekalu masala (sprouted green gram masala) was just too awesome. Even though it was very mild, enjoyment while eating was different. Just do gossiping with friends, talk nothing important and eat!!!
I want to share molakekalu masala here. Please do try and enjoy your evening snack.

Spinach- take ~200 gms and cut into small pieces.
Onion- 1 chopped into small pieces
Sprouted green gram - 200 gms : this should be soaked in water for overnight. Then morning remove water and close tight the soaked grams for 4-5 hours. It will start sprouting. 
Carrot- 1-2 grated
Green chili- 1
Garam masala- 1tb sp.
Coconut-1/2 cup.

1. In a hot pan add oil, turmeric, green chili and onions. 
2. Once onion turns brownish color, add carrot and  sprouted green gram and fry it for 5 minutes or until carrot and gram is half cooked.
3. Add spinach and saute.
4. Here, we can add garam masal and coconut, if you like lemon juice only on top. Or add lemon juice along with garam masala. 
5. Mix this well and as usually, I suggest adding cilantro/coriander on top for good flavor. 

Here comes Green snack. The additional taste we could add are - khara mixture, pomegranates or sweet corn. The other part is, instead of green chili if more spicy is required add red chili paste. 


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