Saturday, June 30, 2012


When it comes to Weekend, my husband needs something special to eat. Even though whole week, in busy working days we eat more of Rasam and vegetable dry (sabzi/palya/poriyal), still there is demand for Rasam and I am thinking of other recipes - not just to eat but also to share in my blog. I had once prepared ladys finger (bendekai) puli kolumbu which turned out to be most delicious. The specialty of cooking and being in Tamil house is anything with tangy (tamarind) and spicy, you will get at least passing marks for the recipe you garnish. Coming back to my new try on peas kolumu!!! This is very similar kind of puli kolumbu but varies in frying broad beans, YES its chapparada avarakai in Kannada and avarakai in Tamil. Its very simple and easy so here I go... 

Avarakai- 250 grams
Onion- 1, chopped into peices
Tomato- 1, chopped into pecies
Green chili-1 chopped
Coriander/cilantro - very little for garnishing and taste (as always I recommend)
Tamarind- 1 big lemon size
Kolombu melaga powder- 2-3 tb sp. ( I use aachi kolombu powder because the taste is very much adjusted for my cooking!  you can also use the other brands which is very comfortable for you. 
Tur dal- 1 cup cooked in pressure cooker

1. we need to 1st saute mustard, green chilies and onions in oil until it turns brownish color
2. Then fry tomatoes for 5 minutes or until it is completely cooked
3. Now avarakai cut into long pieces could be added and fried for 15 minutes along with adding tamarind paste once in 2 minutes. By adding this way, it will make avarakai, a good tangy taste 
4. Now I added cooked and smashed dal. Usually dal is not used in kolumbu but I add this to give a good enough consistence. 
5. allow it for 7-8 minutes and then add 2 tb sp. of melaga powder and stir it often for 10 -15 minutes. 
6. This completes addition of all special magic ingredients for my style Kolumbu. garnish with washed coriander and serve. This serves 4 people. Preparation and cooking takes 20 minutes. 

I enjoyed eating just now and even got praising from my family. I am happy. You too, I wish... 


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