Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nihar’s Special Veggie Delight

This is Niharika’s (Neeharika) one among many other posts and recipes, which are either shared formally for blog or through a long conversation. She is cooking loving person, who understands my taste of food. She taught me Strawberry dessert, brinjal curry, spicy tomato rice, raitha and now veggie delight. Her recipes are special for me because its very easy, no special ingredients required and its just a different style of adding vegetables, spices and time taken between each step in cooking!!!
Thanks Nihar, I appreciate your time in sharing recipes with me
LIST OF INGREDIENTS (per 2 people)
Onions - 1 big sized (sliced into medium pieces)
Bell peppers (red/green or yellow)- 2 chopped in to pieces
Mushrooms- 50 grams (chopped into pieces)
Green chilies- 2 sliced into pieces
Cilantro- to garnish
Garam masala, Pepper powder, salt and Turmeric- pinch or to taste
Eggs- 2, beaten

  1. On a pan, add 2 sp. of oil, heat it and then add turmeric, pepper powder, garam masala and salt.
  2. Toss veggies for 3-5 minutes and add beaten egg.
  3. Cook the eggs+veggies till the eggs are completely done; there should be no liquid portion visible on the top.
  4. Carefully turn the omelet ; if its too difficult, break it into 2/4 pieces and turn each piece individually.
  5. And here is the Veggie delight ready
  6. Here eggs acts as a binder to hold vegetables and makes it an omelet.

Take a tomato, grind it to make paste, add corn flour (available in non-Indian region) or Gram flour (available in Indian subcontinent). I have tried with gram flour.
[ add 2-3 tb sp. gram flour, beat it thoroughly along with adding a pinch of salt, pepper powder and tomato. Make it a thick paste and add as substitute for eggs]

Thanks Nihar and keep contributing :D

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