Saturday, May 19, 2012


Weekend.. Started with a lazy sunlight, peeping from window & I was still on bed sleeping, yawning,…. When stomach shouts then I realized I am hungry! I should be cooking something really fast... Fast and Tasty – mouth watering!!!
When I opened my refrigerator, I was happy to look at mushroom.. going for mushroom masala will take time which may make me to starve for 5 more minutes. I got this recipe from my friend last week so here it is !!! I am so impressed with the aroma of garlic jumbling with Mushrooms & so I am writing this blog RIGHT AFTER FILLING MY STOMACH ;).  
Guys... prepare this and have fun. This can be ate without any side dish. But if you have pickle, it rocks…  I am gonna eat this watching a movie now

To sauté
Butter- 3 spoons
Garlic-10 cloves (sliced vertically)
Spring onions-few
Green chili- 2 cut into half
Onion- thinly sliced (few)
Mushrooms- 1 Cup (the more you add the more you taste!!!)
Cilantro/Coriander-to taste
Salt- (as you want)

Main ingredients- Cooked rice along with all ingredients mentioned in ‘to sauté’

Add all the ingredients mentioned under to sauté
Sauté for 10 min.. Add mushrooms at end as to get cooked really fast.
Then add rice mix well and serve hot. 

dOS & dONS- Mushroom & Rice will become like smashed if not served hot



Lavanya B said...

I wont eat mushroom :( i should change my decision :)

Ruchiez said...

Mushrooms are very tasty. I would prefer you should eat once.
give a try :)