Monday, May 21, 2012


Once I had been to Mumbai (5 years back) and had delicious sabudana dish for breakfast. I was wondering what was it. Then I was told it’s a very traditional Maharashtrian dish. I just loved it. Most of the time, when Mom prepares rava upma, even though its “WOW”, I feel bored of eating the same. I have tried savia upma (will share it sometime). So I thought of trying upma with sabudana. I like its pearl appearance and when prepared it looks colorful with green (green chilis), yellow and flavor full. Here we go!!!

Tapioca/Sabudana soaked in water overnight- 1 bowl full
Potato- 1 bid, sliced into small pieces
Green chilis-2, each cut into half
Onions- very less (may be 1/3 part of 1 onion)
Ground nut/peas- optional (I dint use this time)
Coconut powder
Cilantro- for flavor
To sauté
Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, little pepper & salt.
Heat oil in a pan and then add all ingredients listed under to sauté
Add green chili and potatoes and fry it until it’s cooked. Then onions and coconut powder should be added & fried for 10 minutes.
Mix salt and pepper as much as required followed by sabudana.
Stir well so as to mix content well and then add cilantro while you serve.
This serves 3 people.

dOS & dONS
sabudana if not soaked for a good time duration will become smashed while cooking. 


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