Monday, May 21, 2012


This is very common at every house you go into in South India basically Malnad region of Karnataka. In Bangalore, I used to try all kinda dosas with my friend. It was like just go randomly to dosa famous restaurants and try it. My mom got best & varieties of dosa recipes and will post it some time. I love this tomoato dosa because of the rosy color and, when I eat I get tomato taste combined with green chilies and onions in between. When I tried this 1st time during my high school days, I spoiled it making dosa flour watery. Now when I know the perfect recipe, I would like to share with you guys... Goes best with coconut chutney (you could see recipe in my kitchen list).
Dosa BATTER- Preparation - Soak dosa rice and urdal in water separately for, say overnight. And then next day grind it separately. Mix both using bare hands and add salt. Our hands are best to provide required bacteria to make batter fermented for next day, say after 8-10 hours. The quantity of dosa rice and urdal should be in 2:1 ratio.

Tomato- 2-3, cut into pieces
Green chili-2-3, washed
Onion- half cut into small pieces
Curry leaves (Optional)

To blend- add tomatoes, green chilies and required amount of salt to taste, in blender. Grind it to paste

Add grinded tomatoes to 2 cups of dosa batter and mix well.
Take a pan. Saute onions and curry leaves nicely in oil until cooked and add them to dosa batter
Once the batter is ready, make dosa and Enjoy!

dOS & dONS
Do not use ghee for roasting dosa. Better to keep tomato taste for this


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