Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is the most made, the most praised dish of south India.  We call it as bendekai huli in Karnataka and Vendekai Kolumbh in Tamil Nadu. It means ladies finder curry (Okhra). I could tell to every dish I prepare “I LOVE IT” so I choose to prepare it. If you like chat-pati tamarind on your tasty buds then you should be trying out this today.  
I dedicate this to my MIL who tought me this over a phone call and I did it

To Sauté–Following the order– Oil, Musturd seeds and curry leaves

Ladies finger– cut into small pieces
Tomato–1, cut into small pieces
Garlic–7-8 cloves
Onion–1, cut into small pieces
Tamarind– soked in water and smashed
Cilantro/coriander leaves
Kolumbh chili masala–2 tb spoon (The ratio of kolumbh chili masala and tamarind water should be 1:2 ratio)

First, add ladies finger and fry it for 10 minutes.
Then sauté all ingredients as listed in “To sauté” list. Add garlic, onions and tomato.
Mix well to make it as a paste.
Add 2 tb sp. of Kolumbh chili  masala and double amount of tamarind water. Allow it to boil for few minutes and add salt to taste & coriander for flavor.
Serve with rice or chapatis. 
Dos and Dons– frying ladies finger till it is cooked is very important, otherwise the kolumbu chili powder and salt will not get into vegetable properly


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