Wednesday, May 9, 2012


With my experience, cooking is my remedy for stressful life. As a researcher, I need to spend time lots of time sticking on to computer and analyzing data. hardly I can manage time in cooking. To relax, I just involve in cooking. When I started cooking, 1st thing most important, being a south Indian (no offense) I learnt to make lemon rice and later turned it to lemonish rice. Its because I found adding more lemon gives tangy taste along with those cilantros/ coriander on top. I also call this rice recipe as Indian version 2 min noodles. It hardly takes your time. So I can make this within no time and get back to stick onto laptop. SO here is it…

To Saute–Following the order–
Oil (4 tb sp.), Mustard seeds (1 tb sp.), turmeric (pinch), Green chilies (2, sliced into half. make it 1 if u r mild spice eater), curry leaves (8-10)

Onion big sized–1 chopped
Lemon–1, extract the juice
Cooked rice–200 gms
Cilantro/coriander leaves & salt to taste

Saute all ingredients listed under “to sauté” following the order
Add chopped onions until turned brown/goldenish
Add lemon juice and salt, cook well for 1 more minute on high heat. 
Turn off heat and then add cooked rice.  Mix it thorough so that lemon is equally spread on to each rice grain.
Check salt taste. Add coriander leaves and serve 

Dos and Dons
Do not turn off without cooking lemon and onion completely or else it leaves raw smell. 

SECRET INGREDIENT– if you have mango, grate it and use in place of lemon. This will make remarkable tamil style puli-soru (Mango rice). 

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