Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yenngai playa is made up of Brinjal & goes well with akki rotis which is a kickass combo for lunch/dinner in most parts of north Karnataka. The fried spices, grinded and when stuffed inside brinjal, it tastes yummy & melts in mouth. I prepared this dish yesterday at my home and amazing part it that this dish got over in 10 minutes. Who will not like, tasty yenngai with rice & rotis? Two times I failed to come up with good taste and this time, I tried searching on web which suggested 1-2 websites. I rather thought asking mom. My sister helped and I thank my sister Lavanya who shared this recipe with me. Believe me, you guys should try it out. Thanks Lavanya and here I go with secret recipe.

To sauté and grind
Dal and rice (uncooked)- 4 tb sp. each, fried separately
Onion-half, cut into pieces
Garlic-5-6 cloves
Tomato- 2
Red chili powder-3 tb. sp
Vegetable masala powder- 1 tb sp.
Coriander powder-1 tb sp.
Dry Coconut powder -half a cup measurement
Tamarind- small round of 5 rupee coin size
Ground nut- roasted handful

Egg plant/Brinjal- 8-10 small, cut in between without removing stalks
Cilantro/Coriander leaves- a bunch
Curry leaves- few
Salt & Jaggery to taste

Add one after the other, all the ingredients mentioned under ‘to saute’ and fry for 2 min. Then grind it to a thick paste.
Stuff the paste inside brinjal ( which should be cut in between in start shape & retain its twig) and fry brinjal in oil along with mustard seeds, curry leaves and very less onions.
Once the brinjal is cooked (as this may take 15 minutes in low SIM), add remaining paste and cook/fry. 
Add salt and jaggery to taste.
Water should be added to bring it to thick consistency. This may take 10 more minutes and yenngai playa is ready to serve.

Serves 3-4 and is medium spicy. 


Lavanya B said...

Hmmmmm.... Looks yummy :)

Ruchiez said...

Thanks :) it tastes yummy too!!!