Wednesday, May 9, 2012


A much awaited, mouth watering Mushrooms are here :) :)
I am very much affectionate towards Mushrooms. It is one of the nutritious foods & adds flavor by itself. I have read 100s of recipe for Mushroom masala, Mushroom curry Mushroom dry etc. it’s yummy too when I eat at restaurants!!! But few south Indians are scared to taste because they are allergic to panner/cheese in most of the north Indian dishes. Here I am with Mushroom masala with touch of tamil style.

To Saut̩* РOil, mustard seeds, Jeera/cumin seeds, Punida/mint, ginger, Cinnamom, garlic
Main Ingredients
Chinna vengayam (small sambar onions) – 8-10
Tomatoes– 2 sliced into small pieces
Big onion– half sliced to small pieces
Mushrooms– 1 cup
Coconut milk-1/2 cup
Broccoli– 2-3 flower head (optional)
Green chilli–1-2 sliced (medium spiced)
Spring onions-2 stalk
Cilantro/Coriander & salt to taste
Sauté all ingredients mentioned under TO SAUTE.
Add green chilies, sliced onions and tomato, cook till it forms a paste. Then add big onion sliced along with broccoli, spring onions and coconut milk.
Once coconut milk is cooked, add mushrooms and allow it to boil for next 5 min.
This allows everything to mix with each other. The cinnomom flavor spreads within mushrooms then add salt & Cilantro.  
Dos & Dons– Do not overdo mushrooms as it gets soften/melts very fast. Cooking under low flame would be perfect. 

*I am not mentioning the amount of ingredients required to Saute. A bit would be fairly sufficient
I would love to prepare Mushroom soup one day. Please share recipe if you guys have.

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