Saturday, August 18, 2012


One more kind of rice to enjoy, is Capsicum rice..
Its very easy make using capsicums or also know as bell peppers.
Here's the recipe secret-

Cooked rice- 2 cups (200 grams)
Red bell peppers/ Capsicum- 1 big, chopped
Onions- 1/2, chopped
Red chilies-  3-4
Cumin/Jeera- 2 tb sp.
Cilantro/Coriander- 3-4 springs or to garnish
Salt to taste
Oil and mustard seeds to Saute

1. Saute oil and mustard seeds on a hot tawa or pan. Using curry leaves is optional
2. Add red chilies and cumin, allow for 1-2 minutes to cumin seeds to turn goldenish.
3. Add onions and capsicum, mix well until capsicum is cooked. this may take 4-5 minutes and then turn off the flame
4. Add salt, rice, mix well and then garnish with cilantros before you serve. Serve with Cucumber raitha.

Serves- 3; Cooking time- 15 minutes (Excluding rice preparation time)


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