Saturday, August 18, 2012


I do not have a idli stand as we moved to US for a very short time duration and I was missing my rawa idlis. I even started counting my days to go back India and have idlis. My mom tought me rawa idli preparation and also gave a brilliant thought of using a plate and a steam setup for idli preparation. I have a big brewing pot in which i added water and reversed a steel container on which kept one plate with idli batter. Closed for 20 minutes and when I opened I got super duper masala rawa idli. WOW WOW WOW I was amazed to see plate rawa idli in front of me. I prepared tomato kurma within 5 minutes and started eating delicious plate rawa idli. You guys can try if you do not have idli stand but having any big contained or a cooker.

Here is my recipe. Have a try

Rawa/ Sooji (small)- 2 bups (200 grams)
Curd- 1 cup
Cumin/ Jeera- 3 tb sp.
Ginger- 4-5 small pieces
Mustard seeds, oil to saute
Asafoetida- pinch
Curry leaves- 8-10
Carrot- 2 gratesd
Cilantro- few leaves
Tomatoes- 3-4 slices cut horizontal
Baking powder- a pinch (Optional)
Salt to taste

1. Mix rawa, curd and jeera seeds by adding water and keep aside. Make it a thick consistency. I have not used baking soda as I kept this mixture for fermenting for 4-5 hours
2. Just before you pour batter to a plate of steam container, on a separate pan heat oil, mustard  seeds on a low/medium flame. continue adding ginger, asafoetida, salt and cilantro leaves. (Can also add cashews)
3. Add this sauted mixture to rawa batter and mix thoroughly and adjust salt to taste.
4. Apply oil evenly on a plate or a baking pan and add this batter mixture on to it. (If you are not fermenting for 4-5 hours, add baking powder before pouring to pan and mix for 2 minutes)
5. Now on another big container or a pressure container add water, keep it to high flame and place the idly plate on it. you can garnish your idly your own way, I added grated carrot and tomatoes as topping. (Even cilantro, coconut can be used) Close the cooker or container and steam it for 16-20 minutes
6. After this, place aside for cooling. You can make small cubes of it or cut square shape.

7. Serve with tomato kurma (see recipe- click here)

Serves- 2-3; Cooking time- 30 minutes


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