Friday, August 31, 2012


Kele is another kind of cabbage available in US which is equally good to Spinach and rich & nutritious. I have made spinach dal before also but found kele dal is much better in taste and easy to cook. Since it is easily available in all groceries its used for salads, soup preparation and in toasts. I am posting here kele with Indian dal, the preparation of kele sambar. Sorry I do not have a picture of kele, next time I will be updating a picture
Try and have fun!

Kele- 1 (can replace kele with cabbage but should be chopped finely)
Tur dal- 2 cups
Green chilli- 2 sliced into half
Onions- 1/2, chopped
Tomato- 1, chopped
Aachi sambar powder or any sambar powder- 2 tb sp.
Mustard seeds and oil
Curry leaves- optional
Turmeric & Asafoetida- pinch
Salt to taste

1. Cook dal in a pressure cooker for 5-6 whistles along with green chilli and a 4-5 drops oil. keep aside
2. Heat oil in a thick pan, add mustard seeds (allow to sputter) followed by pinch of turmeric, asafoetida and curry leaves.
3. add onions, tomatoes, fry for 5 minutes. Once it becomes soft add washed kele leaves (washing is must). If you do not have kele leaves, use cabbage.
4. close the pan with a lid for 3-4 minutes and when you open you can see kele cooked nicely.
5. add sambar powder to dal and mash dal+sambar powder+ green chilli
6. Add mashed dal to vegetables and add salt. This should boil for 5 minutes and kele sambar will be done.
This will go well with rice or rotis

Serves- 5, Cooking time 30 minutes


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