Saturday, August 18, 2012


Mandakki Usli is made up of puri/ puffed rice/ churmuri or called as mandakki in Kannada. this recipe is also known as mandakki oggarane. Mandakki is used in various recipes like masala mandakki (super when you eat while travelling in train), khara mandakki (with khara mixture) or usli that I am going to share with you guys now. Its so special moment when you are alone at home and its raining. You feel like eating something spicy and hot (I also feel like eating chocolate and ice creams, anyways.....) so opting bajji/bonda is a long process preparation. I have 2 cup full of mandakki at home so rushed to have usli after a long time. :) I am so happy to share this because of the oniony, tangy, spicy taste you feel in your mouth.

Go ahead and have a try

Puffed rice/ MANDAKKI- 2 cups
Onions- 1/2, chopped small
Tomatoes- 1/2, chopped small
Green chilies- 2 chopped into medium size
Carrot- 1, grated
Coriander leaves- to garnish
Salt and pepper- to taste
Cucumber/Zucchini- half or 1/4th of 1 cucumber, chopped into small pieces
Murukku- available at stores. This is optional and used to garnish and have crispy taste on top
Curry leaves- 4 leaves
oil and mustard seeds- to saute

1. Heat oil and saute mustard seeds. Keep adding green chilies, curry leaves, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and carrot (Optional).
2. Stir for 2-3 minutes and add salt and pepper.
3. Now before adding mandakki into pan, soak it in water for 20 sec and add to vegetable mixture and stir it.
4. Off the flame and garnish with coriander and murukke before you serve. Coconut can also be added.


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