Friday, August 31, 2012


How much ever food we eat, could be a festival or any occasion or even a treat at home sweets have its own place. We enjoy sweets with heart :) We eat sweet dishes after food also known as dessert. What if I say CARROT HALWA for dessert. hmmmmmmmmm.  No body would like to say no because of the smoothness, flavors while u eat along with cashews, raisins and other dry nuts which are fried in ghee (clarified butter). Carrot halwa made using carrots and milk and lot more sugar is pretty mouth watering when u prepare and place it in front of guests at home.. I also tried Carrot halwa when I had planned to have guests at home. It was Potluck and I counted Halwa as one among 8 foods and it was just more than any special food.
Here you try.

INGREDIENTS (If someone doesn't have standard cups, make sure to maintain ratio and use ingredients)
Carrot- 10, Grated
Sugar- 1 cup full (200 grams)
Milk- 1 cup (100 ml)
Ghee- 8 tb sp. (depends on how much you like! if u want more ghee, go ahead :) )
Cardamon- 2-3 pods
Cashews, raisins, Almonds- as per requirement.

1. Boil milk separately in a pan and cool it
2. Fry carrot for 5 minutes or until raw smell goes away or color changes to slightly dark and then add 4-5 tb spoon of ghee, cardamon and milk.
3. Carrots should be cooked in milk and ghee. Once carrots are cooked add sugar and boil for 4-5 minutes
4. Carrots, milk and sugar comes to a good consistency by cooking over time.
5. Another 3-4 spoons of ghee could be added after cooking.
6. In a separate pan add 2 sp of ghee and fry all dry nuts and keep aside.
7. Now, when the carrot is cooked properly transfer into a pan and garnish with dry nuts

Serves: 8
Cooking time- 35 minutes


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