Friday, July 13, 2012


Recently I visited one of my friend's place who called for a party. They offered us sausages, cheese balls, bread/buns, chicken and salad. Of all, I liked the most was SALAD. This was a specially made salad for veggies, with all colorful vegetables along with macaroni. After tasting this delicious salad, I just got an idea for Indianized salad with macaroni and with no cheese. The best part I like in this is the macaroni which is most liked food of kids, college students and for western food loving people. So this can be a breakfast recipe by itself.
That was a rainy day when I prepared this recipe. When it rainy anyone loves eating hot stuffs with a hot cup of coffee. Instead of going for hot oily stuffs, for a change we have salad and enjoyed rain from window. So why don't you guys give it a try? Rain is here and so the recipe.
Here I go. you guys enjoy and please write to me your likings for this.

Spinach- 300-400 grams, chopped
Cabbage- 1 cup (100 grams), chopped
Carrots- cut into round pieces
Capsicum/ bell peppers- 1, cut into pieces
Mushrooms- 5-6, cut into pieces
Onions- 1 chopped
Tomato- 1 chopped
(Optional- you can also use cauliflower, Beans, peas or any green vegetables)
 Macaroni- 2 cups
Lemon, salt, oil, pepper, basil leaf and red chilli flakes- to taste

1. In boiling hot water, cook macaroni and carrots in little oil and salt.
2. On an another pan heat oil and toast all vegetables for 2-3 minutes. This is not to cook vegetables but to give it a hot feel and also while cooking if we add red chilli falkes and salt, it gives a better taste for vegetables.
3. once the macaroni is cooked keep it for cooling (3-4 minutes) and then mix it with basil leaf flakes, red chilli and salt.
4. Mix well all vegetables with macaroni and carrots carefully without smashing vegetables.
5. Here's out  salad with macaroni is all set to eat.

Could also be nicely decorated while you serve. Few drops of lemon before you serve would increase the flavors.


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