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Uppittu/ Upma is a common breakfast dish, normally in south Indian. Definitely, its not a liking name as many of people if given a option, will opt upma as the last favorite. In Bangalore, near Banshankari 3rd stage, near Malleshwaram 16th cross and many more places are famous and attract people because of upma & coconut chutney combo. 
you should also try these places once and now, I am sharing upma recipe. Every mother have their own kind of preparation and measurements to make kids happy. This is my mom's secret recipe. She used to prepare on Ekadashi (sacred fasting) as we would be fasting and she will prepare nice upma without any vegetables. It recalls old childhood days too.

Try it and share with me your upma recipe.

Sooji, sanna rawa (small rawa)- 1 cup (Fry rawa for 5 minutes and keep it aside to cool)
Onions- 1 chopped to small size
Tomatoes- 1 chopped
Ginger- 4-5 small pieces
Green chillis- 2 sliced into half
Coriander- to garnish
Curry leaves- 4-5
Ghee/oil, mustard seeds and salt
Cashews- few (fry in ghee)
Grated coconut
lemon to taste

1. In a pan heat oil and saute mustard seeds, green chillis, curry leaves followed by onions after 2 minutes. 
2. When onions turn brownish color, add ginger and tomatoes and continue stirring for 3 -5 more minutes
3. Allow this to cook and then add 3 cups of water and 2 tb sp of salt (salt as per requirement). The water and rawa ratio should be 3:1 (for 1 cup rawa add 3 cups water).
4. This requires continues stirring so as to prevent lumps formation. Once rawa is mixed properly, add coconut, cashews, coriander leaves and lemon to taste. Just 1 or 2 tb sp. of ghee on upma before serving refreshens your tasty buds and speechless you, will just continue enjoying. hmmm!!! cant express the happiness

Serves- 3 people
Preparation and cooking time- 20 minutes. 
NOTE: I have not added any vegetable thus its very easy in preparation and quick. If you like, make it vegetable upma by adding lots of variety of vegetables like beans, carrot, grated potato, sweet peas along with water and before boiling step. 
Serve upma with Malnad and Mangalooru special balehannu (Banana) SAJJIGE. 

 Enjoy eating. HAPPY COKING :)

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frank lucas said...

I made this last night… was so easy and so great.
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