Sunday, July 22, 2012


Sajjige is very famous in hotels of south Karnataka cities like Mysore, Bangalore and Shimoga while its also known as sheera in North part of Karnataka. Sooji is used to make kesari baath as well. But this sajjige is not kesari baath, both are very much different. Sajjige is prepared on Sankashti in Ganesha festival, on other festivals as sacred sweet. This is served with upma in hotels and condiments eat out places. 
You can try sajjige and fruit combo. I tried banana sajjige and I liked it. Hope you also like this. Try it and share your experience. 

Rawa/ Sooji- 1 cup (My 1 cup is 100- 150 grams)
Banana- 1, cut into round pieces. Coat this with sugar and keep aside
Milk- 1 cup (My 1 cup = 250 ml.)
Almond/ Badam- 5, cut into pieces
Cahrews and raisins- few
Sugar- 1 cup 
Ghee- 5 tb sp.

1. To the boiling milk, add sugar and after 2 minutes, add sugar coated banana
2. On the other side roast almonds and cashews in 1 tb sp. ghee. Keep aside
3. Now once the milk and banana starts boiling add rawa (sooji) slowly with continued stirring so as to avoid lumps. If required add water and cook rawa, make sure not to over cook banana.
4. Now add roasted dry fruits and ghee on top before serving.

Serve with rawa upma. Serves- 3 people. Preparation and cooking time- 15 minutes (maximum)


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