Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Must try recipe. This also reminds my school days especially Saturdays. We had morning classes on saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. By the time we come home, our face reflects hungry and the joy of next day SUNDAY!!! My mom works so she used to prepare shavige bhaath in a hot box and keep it. Me and my sister would sit in front of TV, enjoy Shaktiman (We had only Doordardhan) and shavigebhaath. By the time shaktiman gets over, the hot was empty. Love you Mom for such a tasteful delicious shavige bhaath.
Another occasion for shavige bhaath for marriage function breakfast. If I am not wrong, how many of us like idli kurma, shavige bhaath chutney at marriages!!! Answer is here :) I love It.
You can also try this recipe and enjoy watching TV.

Onion- 1, chopped
Carrot- 2, grated
Potato- 1 big, grated
Green chillies- 2
Peas- 1/2 cup
Ginger- 2-3 small pieces
Cilantro/coriander and salt

1. Saute oil, mustard seeds, chilli and ginger in a medium heat pan
2. Mix onion, carrot and potato and fry until its cooked (I dint use tomato. It can also be added)
3. Add peas and then 2 cups of water should be added for 1 cup of shavige. its 2:1 ratio
4. Once the water starts boiling, add shavige and keep stirring.
5. The stirring helps mix shavige and vegetables. Allow to boil enough to make it dry without water.
6. add coriander and coconut powder on top.

Serve hot. This serves 2. Preparation and cooking time, 20 minutes.


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